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$15 per class “Walk-in” rate
5 Class Passcard for $65, 2 month expiration (save $10)
10 class passcard for $110, 2 month expiration (save $40)
1 Month Unlimited Passcard, $100


Beginner Yoga Series

New to Yoga, looking for correct alignment? This beginner series will connect you to a deeper understanding of the yoga practice, names of poses, breathing techniques, and yoga terminology. Practice in a safe, loving, supportive environment.

Gentle Yoga

A perfect introduction to the asanas (poses) of yoga, this gentle class includes floor work with hips, spine and joints, as well as strengthening and balancing poses.  It is an excellent class for increasing strength, flexibility, balance, agility, mental clarity, lung capacity, and immunity. It also reduces stress and aids in relaxation, digestion, and healthier sleep patterns.  This is a beginner level class.

Gentle Yin Yoga

The perfect combination of gentle yoga to increase strength, flexibility, balance, agility, mental clarity, lung compacity, and immunity in a more restorative way.

Slow Flow Yoga

Find your personal power!

Slow Flow Yoga explores Vinyasa Flow style at a slower, deeper pace.  We pay particular attention to the details of each pose, deepening, extending, and adjusting as we go to create a more meditative and meaningful practice.  This class includes forward and back bends, twists, inversions, arm balancing postures and all of the many ways that yoga moves our bodies.  It is a rich, cleansing and challenging practice which will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and alignment of each pose.  This is a beginner to intermediate level class.  Some Flow Yoga experience is helpful, but not required.

Core Power Flow Yoga

Core Power Flow Yoga is a fun and challenging class that can be practiced at many levels, integrating core strengthening postures throughout this slow flowing class.  While burning the internal heat to help tone and cleanse the body, core strength also helps to bring a better balance to your practice and body.

Fit and Tone Yoga

Join us for this effective, fun class to firm and tone your entire body. This class is designed to trim and tone your arms, abs, hips and legs, leaving you feeling fit and firm all over!  You are welcome to bring hand, wrist, or ankle weights if you have them or borrow ours for free.

Challenge yourself.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a quiet, cooling, meditative form of yoga in which poses designed to lengthen and release muscles are held for 3-8 minutes.  As the muscles of the body release, connective tissue under the muscles begins to receive the benefit of the pose, releasing stress, toxins, and even memories and emotional energy. This is a deeply healing form of yoga, used to heal from emotional as well as physical injury. It is also popular with athletes as a way to prevent future injury.  This class is open to all levels of ability. Props and aids are available for anyone needing support in the poses.


Dance your heart out!

This high energy dance class delivers a seriously fun workout! Shake off your stress and shed some pounds while you have a blast in this latin style dance class.  Easy to  follow dance moves combined with interval resistance training form the basis of this one of a kind aerobic workout!  Tennis shoes are needed for Zumba.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A challenging cardiovascular workout, which combines fat burning Vinyasa Flow style yoga with core strengthening and endurance exercises. Vinyasa combines the poses of yoga into a flowing style. We move fluidly from one pose to another, building core heat and strength. An energizing and invigorating style of yoga! Ideal for weight loss, cardiovascular and muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, immune support, self-confidence, and overall health.  This is an intermediate class. Some yoga experience or athletic ability recommended, but not required.

Restorative Yoga

Careful attention is given to the preparation of each Restorative Yoga pose.  You will rest in each pose for up to 15 minutes, as many props are used to support you, offering an opportunity for deep relaxation and healing.  The poses of Restorative Yoga are practiced for the sole purpose of relaxing, opening, and healing.  Take a break from your busy, stressful,  over-stimulated day to unwind and rejuvenate in poses that will quiet your mind, release tension in your body, and nourish your spirit.  This class is offered to all levels.  Comfortable, warm clothes are recommended.  You are welcome, but not required, to bring an extra blanket and an eye bag or hand towel to cover your eyes.

Sunrise Flow Yoga

This early morning class starts the day right with invigorating sun salutations and standing series, followed by cool down and stretch and release poses.  You will feel fantastic and ready for the day!

Gentle Flow Yoga

A perfect introduction to flow yoga (vinyasa), this class is designed for the gentle yogi ready for a little more challenge.  Slow and sweet, but challenging and invigorating!


An opportunity to build that fire slowly in the core, working into a slow vinyasa flow that includes several detoxing twists and balancing postures. After the heat and connection of the breath and flow that is necessary to calm the mind, fall into several yin postures to self-reflect, meditate and restore!

Reverse the aging process with inversions!

Belly Fit

Bellyfit is the holistic fitness system for women that draws inspiration from ancient and modern elements. It is a one hour moving experience in a group fitness style, incorporating elements of pilates for breath and alignment, cultural dance for celebration and community, yoga for practice binding and music that moves hearts. Bring clean athletic shoes, and your yoga mat, although if you don’t have a mat..we do!

Zumba and Belly Dancing
4 classes in 4 weeks $24, 8 classes in 8 weeks $45, or $8 per class

Create some time in your day for self-care.

Reiki by appointment  $50 (1-2 hours)