Stephanie is that rare teacher who integrates mind/body/soul and enjoys sharing what she has learned. She has created a safe, accepting space welcoming to all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill level. With her quiet sense of humor, passion for yoga, and gentle guidance, she has encouraged me, while reminding me to listen to my body’s limits. I am an elder but new to yoga and thankful to Stephanie for the challenges to my mind and body and for a peaceful place for my spirit 1 1/2 hours a week.

Cher Cronican-Walker, Interlochen

I noticed the Blooming Lotus signs around town that said “First Class Free”, so I thought I’d give one class a try. What could I lose, right? Well, what I lost was my daily aches and pains, lack of energy, and much of my anxiety and poor self image. Not only are the class prices the lowest in the region, but the classes are everything you could ask for – relaxing but pushing your limits – intimate but social and friendly – gradual and comfortable, but strengthening and life-changing. Drop in and try one class. You have nothing to lose.

Nate Jorgensen, Interlochen resident

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a wonderful session. Not only are you good at what you do, you have such a positive energy about you and it carried with me all day. So, thank you! I will see you next week.

Jody Olsen - Nurturing Steps Wellness Massage, Interlochen

Thank you for your instruction, your good humor, and your encouragement.

Sam Cornelius, Grayling

Thank you for being such a wonderful instructor. The classes are fun and give a great workout. I feel happy, energized and look forward to the next class. I love the class and have been telling everyone. Thanks Steph.

Grace Hawthorne, Traverse City

Yoga gives me mental clarity and focus, eases my stress, provides strength and balance, and has helped to alleviate my chronic back pain.

Jason Shepard, Grawn

Thank you for sharing your passion for yoga. You are a very good teacher, and I look forward to class.

Kelley Kuhn , Interlochen

I have been going to Blooming Lotus Yoga since it first opened up. I loved it right away. I felt better, calmer, and I use the breath everyday. I am now going four days a week, most of the time. I am finding many things changing. Left knee is not hurting as much, left hip is not hurting as much, aches and pains are going away. I stand taller, my stomach is flatter, and I don’t eat as much, and when I do, its small and healthy. I am 65 years old and could not get rid of the “flabby arm” look. Yoga has helped to tighten up the upper arms, my wrists are much stronger, my shoulders are beginning to loosen up, and my posture is much better all the time. I am not slouching. My goals are to get to a backbend with the use of my arms holding me up. In fact, anything to do with a backbend is my goal. I feel stronger, I am more in my body, and I feel solid and alive. It was all there before, it’s just a whole lot better now. It’s consistency. If a person can do yoga twice a week, consistently, life and body will get better. Be consistent in all things good for you. Make yourself happy. Yoga is a great beginning.

Thanks, Stephanie, for opening your center. It’s a pleasure going to classes and knowing you bring positive energy to Interlochen by your sharing and caring.

Verta Odziana, Interlochen, MI